Our people are the heart of our Success. We recognize the value of our people and ensure to provide proper working environment, encouragement & personnel development necessary for a symbiotic relationship.


Management Processes form the core to sustainable development. Exposure of working across 23 countries with well established clients, our management processes are evolved to address most complex and challenging conditions.


Asset Integrity & Performance is one of the prime focus of OCSISNL. Our approach endeavors to provide maximum plant and equipment up-time with proactive maintenance approach through our CMMS (IFS) with complete transparency to achieve clients’ goal.

Our Vision

To be a company with Global Presence, providing Integrated Services to Marine and Oil & Gas industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients Safe, Customised, and Cost Effective Solutions.

Our Core Values

Our service-centric business operations are conducted in a professional manner, based on our core values:

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    Safety, Quality & Reliability

  • icon-ocsisnl-adapting-to-customer-needs-01
    Adapting To Customer Needs

  • icon-ocsisnl-value-addition-to-client-01
    Value Addition To Clients

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    Accreditation & Compliance Assurance

  • icon-ocsisnl-respect-for-people-01
    Respect for People, Environment & Relationships

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    Creating Value For Our Shareholders