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High-End Enterprise Asset Management

Selecting the right maintenance management solution is a challenge especially for oil and gas companies with far-flung operations that can feel like they’re at the ends of the earth. Oil rigs act like mobile factories, and have unique needs that only a tailored Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can provide.

OCSISNL’s EAM solution makes our clients job easier with increased productivity, easy-to-navigate interfaces, easy to access information, with a familiar and comfortable to users interface and experience.

With our EAS, our clients can easily track work as it occurs and streamline the recording process, making sure their employees aren’t spending their time being unproductive being swamped in paperwork.

Enterprise Asset Management

Derive Data-Driven Asset Management Strategies

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    Production Increase

    Reliability-based maintenance raises up asset performance as the catalyst for repairs and upkeep, preserving the engine of production by helping to ensure all relevant machinery functions as intended.

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    Data-Driven Strategies

    We deliver a proactive maintenance plan that oversees all components of a given asset, from its physical properties to the digital offerings it transmits, securing data that keeps things pumping.

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    Mitigating Risks

    Our solutions deliver our clients security from asset failures that can contribute to ecological issues which can be avoided with our comprehensive and proactive maintenance plan.


Stay Ahead With OCSISNL's Proactive Maintenance

Communication and transparency along the supply chain both help businesses understand every facet of the extraction and production cycle, as well as the economic factors affecting point-of-sale revenue streams.

Our solutions enables our clients to turn to reliability-based management solutions that help them safeguard their operations and much more.

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