project execution capabilities

Steel Structures

  • Offer design, engineering and execution solution for steel renewal
  • Designing the renewal process based on Asset requirement
  • Modification, if required, done in-line with the Class requirement
  • Onsite fabrication as per approved drawings
  • Supply of prefabricated steel to save downtime at Offshore site
  • Entire project is done onsite, without affecting operations of the Asset
  • Avoid off-hire of the Asset
  • Customized approach based on customer requirement
  • Locations covered
    • Tanks
    • Deck
    • Accommodation
    • Machinery platforms
    • Production modules
    • Heli Deck
  • Composite teams capable to work on primary structure as well as outfitting structures.

Pipe Systems

  • Offer design, engineering and execution solution for pipe installation
  • Site survey carried out to prepare isometric drawings
  • Offshore or Onshore fabrication as per drawings
  • Locations covered
    • Tanks and Void Spaces
    • Decks
    • Side Shell
    • Accommodation
    • Machinery compartments
    • Turret

Shutdown Assistance

  • Preparatory assistance
    • Site survey of pipe systems
    • Prefabrication of pipe spools
  • Assistance for isolation of system/ equipment during shut down
  • Installation of prefabricated pipe spools
  • Replacement of valves
  • Flange Management support
  • Heavy lifting assistance
    • Preparation of lifting plan
    • Supply of rigging gear and lifting appliances

Certificates from Safety Tools Allmet

Certificate - Safety Tools Allmet


  • Provide Electrical Engineers, Instrumentation Engineers and COMPEX technicians
  • PAGA Upgrade
  • Testing and Inspection of systems and equipment
  • Cabling surveys, replacement and rewiring
  • Troubleshooting and repairs of motors, generators and switchboards
  • Electrical installation termination and commissioning
  • Services and survey of EX-electrical appliances
  • Fire and Gas system upgrade
  • HT and LT Power systems

Inspection, Installation, Repairs, Maintenance Overhauling

  • Jacking system
  • Drilling system
  • Rotating system
  • Lifting/ crane system
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Marine engines
  • High pressure units

Other Services

  • Rope access services
  • Aluminum Helideck installation
  • Project management support
    • Structural steel and outfitting – fabrication and installation
    • Pipe system – fabrication and installation
    • Electrical and cabling work
    • Mechanical and hydraulic systems
  • Site survey of system pipelines and services of experience Piping Engineers for Engineering support