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Equipment & Tools

We use state-of-the-art corrosion management and maintenance tools to offer a one point solution for total corrosion management challenges in your plants/ offshore and onshore platforms. We facilitate a gradual shift to “preventive maintenance policy”.

OCSISNL  possesses some of the most sophisticated and advanced tools for safety and maintenance. These tools, along with the experience and know-how about its efficient usage, puts us head and shoulders above our contemporaries in the field.

OCSISNL Equipment & Tools

OCSISNL Owns The Below Mentioned Equipment And Has The Expertise In Application of The Same For Various Surface Preparation Requirements.

  • Ultra high pressure blasting machines (40000 PSI): Densin and Woma
  • Ultra high pressure deck blasters: Densin
  • Air compressors: ELGI (300 and 450 CFM)
  • Airless spray machines; Graco (70:1 NXT)
  • High pressure washers: Densin 500 bar
  • High pressure steam cleaners: Densin and Woma 350 bar
  • Blasting pots, with dead man’s handle for grit blasting
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Slurry blasting units
  • Safety tools allmet, Norway: Ex certified by DNV for surface preparation
  • Safety tools allmet for cold cutting, Norway: Ex certified by DNV for cutting pipes for ½ ‘’ to 4”
  • Mechanized scaffold from ALTREX, Netherlands
OCSISNL Equipments & Tools
Special Tools

Ultra High Pressure

  • Surface preparation and water blasting in shipyards
  • Surface preparation and water blasting on land rigs, offshore rigs and platforms
  • Cargo holds and ballast tank cleaning, removal of coatings and heavy rust
  • Rotating deck cleaner on flat horizontal surfaces is fast and efficient
  • Underwater cleaning, remove marine growth, anti-corrosion coatings and cement ballast
  • Boiler tube and heat exchange cleaning
  • Automotive cleaning, remove paint from dollies, jigs and grating, etc. with UHP blasting
  • Concrete restoration and demolition
  • High and ultra high pressure diesel powered water blasting units
  • Ideal for all types of surface preparation
  • Mechanized scaffold from ALTREX, Netherlands
OCSISNL Equipments & Tools
Special Tools

Safety Tools Allmet - Grinding & Cutting Tools

  • No sparks – eliminates danger of explosion
  • Creates no heat: <70 deg C
  • No hot work permits required for offshore
  • Low noise: <85 dBA. ordinary grinding is rated 110-125 DB
  • Low vibration (max 3.1 ms – 1) – can be used for extended periods
  • Increased safety, reduced time, reduced operational costs
  • Minimal dust – metal debris is large and dense
  • No sharp splinters – virtually eliminating secondary damage
  • Particles are concentrated in the work area, not spread to nearby environment
  • No toxic gases released when grinding through polyurethane coatings
  • No release of hydrocarbon gases

Applications: Offshore platforms, Oil and Gas refineries, engineering and contracting works, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, maritime, power companies, mining, remote sites, etc.

OCSISNL Equipments & Tools
Special Tools

Altrex - Temporary Suspended Platform System

  • High-quality products designed to help the user work safely at great heights.
  • The temporary suspended platform system is designed according to the European standard EN1808 and is in accordance with the demands of machine instructions and conform CE.
  • The installation includes the suspended platform, stirrups, the electro-mechanical hoists and it’s safety devices and roof beams.
  • The installation applied in construction, inspection and maintenance and facades, chimneys, towers, etc.
OCSISNL Equipments & Tools
OCSISNL Equipments & Tools