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Oil & Gas Procurement Management Solutions.

OCSISNL delivers ingenuity and precision in project life-cycle planning and execution throughout the supply chain network.

Our solutions increase strategic reach, and help generate more value by identifying strategic cost-saving opportunities, redefining supplier relationships, increasing spend efficiency, and mitigating supply chain risks.

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Procurement Management

Key Capabilities

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    Market Intelligence

    Access the right market intelligence — at the right time! Gain a strategic advantage with timely, accurate and actionable supply chain intelligence.

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    Opportunity Assessment

    Review historic spend data through advanced analysis for the strategic sourcing solution your company needs.

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    Transform your legacy processes, practices and structures, and align them with the current needs of the organisation.

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    Risk Management

    OCSISNL helps clients to proactively identify third-party risks and manage them more effectively by developing comprehensive supply risk management strategies.

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    Cost Management

    OCSISNL helps it’s client in reducing expenses in categories that are yielding low impact, and help them optimise spends in areas that have the capability to drive sustainable growth.

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    Change Management

    OCSISNL help our clients achieve long-term, sustainable results from their transformation programs through proven and effective change management practices.

supply chain management

Innovative Solutions to Streamline and Optimise Oil & Gas Supply Chains.

As business networks grow and complexities in operations increases, it is absolutely important to understand challenges of doing business in the region. For O&G companies aspiring to enter this market, it is imperative to get hold of this understanding and up to date knowledge on how to achieve relevant and finest logistic capabilities in the region. OCSISNL helps clients to plan and manage risk more effectively while dealing with maintaining and designing an efficient supply chain.

OCSISNL delivers strategic outsourcing solutions and inventive ideas to build competitive advantage for its clients. Whether it is from suppliers involved in manufacturing, processing, sharing of supplier technology, and/or deploying assistance in the development, service and process improvements tasks.

We ensure that our clients gets the best services at the lowest cost possible, securing a good relationship with suppliers and company representatives, and circumvent the uncertainty that might occur in demand and supply requests throughout the entire supply chain.

Supply Chain Management

Key Deliverables

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    Cost Optimisation

    We help optimise operations, exploring supply-chain collaborations, finding new revenue models, and adopting new technologies that helps our client increase production levels and decrease per unit costs.

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    Vertical Integration

    OCSISNL’s combinations of service offerings unlock significant value for our clients. We are able to achieve this through a combination of supply-chain efficiencies, real estate and infrastructure optimisation, and organizational efficiencies.

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    Exploring Models

    OCSISNL strategies can reducing our clients cost base by implementing tactics like performance-based contracts that combine equipment’s and services and more.

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    We assist our clients in finding similar businesses and helping them integrate along the field life cycle.

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    Value Design

    We assist our clients with integrating new technologies that would allowing them to capture new growth.