audit & compliance processes

technical audit & transition management


Integrate Multiple Risk, Audit, & Compliance Processes.

OCSISNL will analyse the ability of the clients’ vendor or supplier to deliver procurement requests and also ensure regulatory compliance. We offer integrated solution that provides a single point of reference for enterprise-wide risk management, internal audit, regulatory compliance and beyond.

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Technical Audit

OCSISNL Technical Audit Offerings

  • Compliance Management

    OCSISNL provides a centralised framework and an integrated approach to help the client confidently comply with external regulations and standards, as well as regional mandates specific to certain countries.

  • Risk Management

    We provide strategies and methodologies to identify, categorise, prioritise, assess, manage, monitor, and mitigate the complete spectrum of risks including financial, environmental, compliance, and operational risks.

  • Audit Management

    OCSISNL provides a comprehensive framework to continuously monitor and validate our clients business transactions, and identify fraudulent activities and/or vulnerabilities in the company’s business processes and systems.

  • Policy & Procedure Management

    We provide a one-point centralised repository for our client to efficiently manage, store, and retrieve its policies and procedures.

  • Reporting Management

    We deliver reporting systems and dashboards to enable our clients proactively track metrics and indices, as well as monitor the status of various processes.

  • Issue Management

    OSCISNL provides our clients with a seamless and streamlined process for issue investigation, management, and remediation.

transition management

A Structured Transition Framework.

OCSISNL’s structured transition framework ensures that planning and execution are delivered successfully with no impact on safety or any ongoing operations, in short time-frames.

We incorporate a robust approach to quality, risk, and client management that covers planning, interfacing, project controls, operations handover from our previous experiences.

Transition Management

Key Deliverables

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    Deliver highest standards of HSE performance.

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    Business Continuity

    Execute seamless operational transitions with production continuity.

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    Risk Management

    Identify, assess, eliminate or mitigate transition risks.

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    Optimise Processes

    Minimise cost and optimise business productivity throughout the transition phase.

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    Work in collaboration to meet and exceed aligned KPIs.

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    Knowledge Transfer

    Ensure efficient transfer of all necessary documentation and knowledge management processes.

Transition Management

OCSISNL's Transition Management Services

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    Experience of Managing 4 FPSO Transitions

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    Well-Defined SOPs & SMPs

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    Vendor Management

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    Master Data Management &Transition in CMMS – IFS​