project execution capabilities

Readiness Phase

Governmental Compliances & Certifications

  • Government clearances
  • Import clearances for vessels and equipment/ materials
  • Custom clearances
  • Crew clearances (EXPAT’s and Local Crew)

Team Selection & Recruitment

  • Selection based on Competency
  • Development and Assurance Framework
  • Induction to ensure adherence to Company standards
  • Continuous exposure to challenging environment to ensure continuous learning curve

Project Specific Systems & Procedure Development

  • Customize the maintenance management system
  • Develop maintenance management philosophy considering client inputs
  • Client oriented Asset integrity philosophy development


  • Setting-up necessary infrastructure (office, IT systems, warehouse space) to support the offshore operation
  • Purchase/ rental of containers and necessary support services (cranes & material handling equipment)

Pre Commissioning & Commissioning

  • Technical support in the start-up phase
  • Support during performance run test
  • Highlighting issues and provide feasible engineering solutions
  • Association with local fabrication units to provide necessary support during commissioning phase
  • Association with companies for material support during testing of the facility
  • Association with OEMs for services requiring Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Safe Handover Takeover (HOTO) of the facility

Operation & Maintenance Phase

Operation & Maintenance

  • Operate & Maintain the facility with expected efficiency & effectiveness
  • Adherence to management systems
    • QHSSE
    • Asset Integrity
    • Maintenance
    • Inventory
  • Ensure adherence to the contractual requirement in terms of product/ byproduct quality (Oil/ Gas/ Produced Water)
  • Plan Purchase and Inventory Management Philosophy and modify CMMS accordingly

Turnaround Management

  • Devise turnaround duration and plan the activities
  • Sharing of the plan with the client to include client specific activities
  • Execute and complete the turnaround and submit the closure report

Engineering Support

  • Dedicated engineering team for each project
  • Close co-ordination of the engineering team with various OEMs to ensure update of better operating approach suggested from the OEM
  • Engineering and Simulation studies to suggest performance enhancement of the processing unit

Competency Development & Assurance

  • Adherence to Competency Development & Assurance Framework (Admission, Development & Continuity) to address learning curve for personnel
  • Development of in-house talent pool to manage enough buffers in case of attrition or emergencies
  • Developing training formats and calendars to ensure timely refresher courses to the individuals
  • Customizing the training module based on client suggestion

Production Chemical Procurement & Handling

  • Chemical injection profile development
  • Association with Production Chemical suppliers
  • Purchase of production chemicals
  • Optimizing injection rates for efficient consumption of production chemicals
  • Handling and Transportation of Production chemicals and associated licenses and certifications

Logistics & Warehouse Management

  • Timely movement of personnel to the offshore platform
  • Licenses & Certifications for warehouse Management
  • Customizing the warehouse to client’s expectations and specific material handling capabilities
  • Necessary transport for transportation of the material on timely basis

Back Office Support

  • Technical support to offshore O&M
  • Technical studies or proposing any design modifications to client
  • Development of onshore team
  • Procurement of equipment spares, vendor services and other relevant equipment and materials to ensure seamless operations of the processing platform
  • Reporting structure and communication protocol development as per the Client requirement

Waste Management

  • Waste Segregation
  • Ensure safe and timely backload of waste from offshore facility
  • Waste disposal as per standards