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offshore hospitality management


OCSISNL provides a single interface for all activities relating to Offshore Hospitality Management.

Underpinned with the experience of over 5 decades – OCSISNL in partnership with REMOTEL provides a single point of contact to all crew and catering support services, making it significantly simple for our clients to manage these services and take advantage from better service outcome and efficiencies.

This benefits our clients by delivering value through an integrated interface by improving employee satisfaction, engagement, motivation & productivity.

Offshore Hospitality Management solutions are backed by management depth of the pioneers of IFM service providers. Get In Touch

We Are The Perfect Fit

Our services are based on global standards and is designed to ensure efficiency, consistency, & continuity.

  • People

    We are capable of sourcing and deploying personnel who are trained, certified and inducted, specific to every project. We endeavor to create a conducive atmosphere in our workplace by placing a great emphasis on mutual respect and discipline. We have continuous talent development programs and a large database of skilled personnel across all positions to enable smooth business continuity and on-time mobilization.

  • Training

    OCSISNL focuses on creating centers of excellence and e-learning modules for its staff to empower them with industry specific skills. Our training is customized as per clients requirements and modules focus on improving service quality and upskilling.

  • Technology

    We are constantly evaluating transformative developments and deploying technology to enable and empower our project sites and units to deliver excellence through simple software applications. We provide on-time reporting and performance tracking systems for smooth functioning of business.


    We are committed to ensuring that working conditions in our business operations and supply chain are safe through our Total Risk Management process, Audits and QHSSE Management frameworks which are integrated in our way of working.

  • Food Safety

    We set annual measurable food safety and quality objectives for all operations to assure continuous improvement and compliance with all relevant standards and continually review policies and procedures to effectively manage food safety risks associated with changes in products, processes and technologies.

  • Environment

    It is our policy to conduct our business in a manner that is compatible with balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which we operate. We are determined to improve environmental performance throughout our operations worldwide.

We have an extremely sharp, focused and a unique approach of collaborating with
specialist providers and ensuring localization to get the best fit-to-purpose,
sustainable solutions. Get In Touch